National Takaful Insurance Company

We are a closed Kuwaiti Islamic Contribution Company has been established in 2003 with a paid-up capital of 10 million kd run by a series of insurance experts in the Kuwaiti local and Arab's market in accordance with the provisions of the laws and in conformity with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, and we aim to promote the work and performance to meet the needs of gentlemen customers about the growing insurance protection inconsistent with the provisions of the tolerant Islamic Shaiah.

And as the company is to undertake all insurance work, according to the perspective of forensic Takaful insurance has been the adoption of all the policies that the company is issuing an advisory opinion from the control and legitimacy, headed by al-Sheikh Dr. Aujeel Al-Nashmi carry the following types of insurance :


·         Marine ( Ships object and goods ) Air ( objects and responsibilities )

·         Engineering Insurance

·         Fire and general accident

·         To ensure the traveler in collaboration with the Assistance AXA France

·         Cars and sports cars and luxury and travel documents

·         To ensure the service road

·         Health and Takaful ( collective and individual )

·         Insurance Oil & Energy

·         All other coverage of the special nature

We also have professional and personal relations with ( Swiss Re-insurance Company ) the largest one in the word which is assesses by the AA by ( Global Assessment Foundation S&P ) and we have the largest capacity card to cover the risks of oil and energy, led by Re-insurance with the best assessment of A by S&P and also we have an agreement with AXA Assistance company in France to cover the travel policies of all parts of the world including Canada and the United States of America to serve customers and shareholders, your General Assembly.

If we are happy to receive questions on all kind of insurance services and provide the best products and consultants in order to provide the best insurance protection for you and all your properties and responsibilities.

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